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Making & Meeting Goals

 We are unique because we are transparent, personable and genuine in our approach and we believe authentic relationships are key in accomplishing goals. We start by digging into the type of relationship you have with money, document your goals and then create a plan on how to accomplish them. 

 We provide empowerment, equipment and edification regarding your financial dreams.

Keeping Your Building Strong

Many purposes are going unfulfilled among faith-based entrepreneurs and community conscience individuals. People have lost hope, meaning they do not have faith to take action and here is where finding it begins. 

We believe in strengthening ourselves through applied knowledge, tools utilized and faith steps; thereby, creating better communities one hopeful at a time.

Strategies and sessions are taylor-made: designed to meet your goals and withstand the inevitables that affect your finances. 

About Vee

Since 2008, I've been helping businesses and individuals safeguard their financial futures by building a solid foundation through business consultations, budgets and clear bookkeeping. I speak, write, teach and preach financial liberty; it's my ministry.  When I'm not working, I enjoy volunteering, traveling, and engaging in the arts.


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