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Where Our Hope Comes From?

Vee, worked with several individuals, employeed and entrepreneurs who were of faith; however, she kept seeing a trend lying dormant in most all cases: the inabiltiy to believe past what they saw in their finances. She felt compelled to help because she had the gift of faith. Some thought she was naive to help people strengthen their hope but she continuously felt the press to share her passion: all things are possible to them that believe. She started preapring taxes, then bookkeeping and it grew.

Today workshops, seminars, community service, and personal consultatioins are included in the services offered. It has grown and taken a form Vee couldn't imagine and forever grateful.

Vaniesha Moore, commonly known as Vee, is a Servant. She has served and worked in the financial sector for over 10 years managing duties such as tax, accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, and savings plans.

The desire to see people live free and happy lives (including herself) grew over time and in 2010 God gave her the business ministry, Hope Financial.

She believes, that with hope, all of your financial goals are possible.

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